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Pisa Tour on bike - The leaning tower on risciò

Toscana in Tour proposes a better way for you to visit Pisa. Renting a scooter or a bicycle will allow you to reach all of those many, special hidden corners that are not possible to reach by car. When you rent a scooter or bicycle you will discover just how comfortable and easy it is to visit the very centre of the ancient city. Toscana in Tour is located just a few metres from the Leaning Tower and offers a wide range of scooters and bicycles for either short or long trips.

Tour in scooter

And, if you want to add that extra-special, magical touch to your vacation, you can also reserve a tour of Pisa on board our risciò. A qualified guide will take you to on a discovery tour of the Arno embankment, the historic Piazza dei Cavalieri, the ancient seat of the Pisa Republic with the clock tower and the Palazzo della Carovana as well as the church of  Santa Maria della Spina, and finishing up at the Piazza dei Miracoli and the world-famous Leaning Tower. Every courtesy and professionalism will be at your disposal. You may reserve your choice of vehicle here: scooter, bicycle, and risciò and prepare to discover Pisa.