Rental Terms Cycles

Toscana in Tour (proprietor) agrees to rent to the customer (customer) the vehicle of rental as per the terms and conditions set out below:
Art. 1 - The vehicle delivered to the customer in perfect condition. The customer is required to return the vehicle in exactly the same condition.

Art. 2 - The customer must expressly declare to be personally responsible of the actions, omissions of whoever guide the vehicle;

Art. 3 - The vehicle must comply with the rules of the road, nor is it to be used for any illegal purpose, for competitions in speed (racing) or for the transportation of passengers for a fee.

Art. 4 - The customer will be responsible for any damages caused through improper use, or for any other use in violation of the terms and condition;

Art. 5 - The customer is not covered by insurance for the following and him assume the complete responsibility: e) For the immobilisation of a damaged vehicle, for which the customer is liable, when it is taken out of service for repairs; f) For reimbursement costs for Toscana in Tour for the transportation and/or for the repair of the same vehicle; g) For damages to a third party and for subsequent transportation and for the theft of vehicle; h) For injury to the driver and for damage to objects and luggage transported in the vehicle, for any damages caused whatsoever to the chassis, wheels, duco, rear-view mirrors. For puncutre a wheel you will refunded 5 EURO;

Art. 6 - At the customer will not be refunded repairs not authorized by Toscana in Tour

Art. 7 - From any controversy connected with a rental agreement of a vehicle, it will be exclusively dealt with by the appropriate law court in Pisa.

Art. 8 - In the case of contrasting interpretations in the two versions of this letter, the Italian one will prevail over all other languages Art. 9 - (Delayed charge) - The customer consents to pay the total amount due by credit card including all costs incurred directly and indirectly as part of the rental agreement, also any subsequent costs that received by Toscana in Tour after the rental agreement has been finalised (damage, such as, but not only,) referring to the period of rental by the customer; Toscana in Tour will take payment for these final costs as a secondary debit against the credit card..