Rental Terms Motocycles

Toscana in Tour sas (proprietor) agrees to rent to the customer (customer) the vehicle indicated on the front of this letter (vehicle) of rental as per the terms and conditions set out below:
Art. 1 - The minimum age for renting a scooter or moped is 18 years. For customers less than 18 years old it is necessary to have approval of the father or guardian who agrees to take full responsibility for the rental.

Art. 2 - The beginning of this letter of rental agreement indicates the commencement day and hour that the rental begins and also the day and hour when the rental agreement terminates and the vehicle is returned to Toscana in Tour sas. The vehicle delivered to the customer in perfect condition. Any exceptions to this are noted at the beginning of this letter, the customer is required to return the vehicle in exactly the same condition in which it as delivered except for normal usage as part of the rental, and on the appointed day and hour indicated in this letter of rental agreement. In case the customer needs to change the due return location, day and/or time he should obtain prior approval from Toscana in Tour sas at least 24 hours prior to the original return day and time.

Art. 3 - The vehicle must be driven only by the customer or your delegate communicate with the exception of cases listed as part of Article 1; the customer must be able to demonstrate to the leasing company that he is in possession of a regular driving licence and that he will not yield the rental vehicle to another person. The customer must expressly declare to be personally responsible of the actions, omissions of whoever guide the vehicle, except if it depends on illegal facts that can't be avoided by the Costumer.

Art. 4 - The vehicle must not be driven by anyone in a state of drunkenness, either under the influence of alcohol or narcotics or in a psychological state to the point where he cannot comply with the rules of the road, nor is it to be used for any illegal purpose, for competitions in speed (racing) or for the transportation of passengers for a fee and is not to leave the territory of Italy without prior consent from Toscana in Tour.

Art. 5 - The customer and every other person authorised to drive are covered by insurance by the RCA to maximum of 6.000.000,00 euro's, with a franchise paid by the customer to 300,00 euro's.

Art. 6 - The customer will be responsible for any damages caused through improper use as well as for theft, for the loss of keys or for any other use in violation of the terms and conditions:
The customer is not covered by insurance for the following:
e) For the immobilisation of a damaged vehicle, for which the customer is liable, when it is taken out of service for repairs; f) For reimbursement costs for Toscana in Tour for the transportation of a damaged vehicle to the wreckers, insurance coverage unless activation and/or for the repair of the same vehicle; g) For injury to the driver and for damage to objects and luggage transported in the vehicle; h) For any damages caused whatsoever to the chassis, wheels, duco, rear-view mirrors travelling case;

Art. 7 - In case of accident the customer must inform Toscana in Tour within 24 hours and must have a list of damages compiled by a competent authority.

Art. 8 - In the case of breakdown of similar incident none who is not authorised by Toscana in Tour sas must undertake any repair work.

Art. 9 - Rental payment must be made in advance, by credit card; that rates that have been agreed are indicated in the initial letter of rental agreement. In the case of a variation in the duration of the rental period, the rate must be the rate enforced for the longer period.

Art. 10 - The vehicle must be returned in the same condition of fuel otherwise will be debited a further Euro 15.00 (including tax) plus whatever cost of fuel to fill the tank.

Art. 11 - If the vehicle is returned outside normal office hours (9am to 8pm) or in a different place to the location of Toscana in Tour sas, a further Euro 25.00 will be levied.

Art. 12 - All vehicles must be returned on the designated day and at the designated hour according to what is recorded on the rental agreement. Failure to do so will result in an extra day's rental charge being added to the rental account for the customer to pay.

Art. 13 - In the case of loss of keys the customer will need to reimburse an amount up to Euro150.00 which may also compensate for a search for the keys. In the case of loss of documents or of the licence place the cost of reimbursement is Euro 300.00.

Art. 14 - The cautionary deposit 800€ is obligatory. In the case in which in the action of restitution of the vehicle damage is found to the same vehicle, the deposit will be detained by Toscana in Tour against the immediate damages and in compensation for the concealed damage.

Art. 15 - The deposit by guaranteeing with a credit card.

Art. 16 - From any controversy deriving from or connected with a rental agreement of a vehicle, it will be exclusively dealt with by the appropriate law court in Pisa.

Art. 17 - In the case of contrasting interpretations in the two versions of this letter, the Italian one will prevail over all other languages.

Art. 18 - Personal data provided by the customer will be used only and exclusively for the purposes of the contract and would be supplied to a third party only for the same contract (L.196/2003).

Art. 19 - The customer agrees to inform Toscana in Tour of any fines whatsoever that have been incurred during the rental period and, if paid, must supply proof of payment to.

Art. 20 - (Delayed charge) - The customer consents to pay the total amount due by credit card including all costs incurred directly and indirectly as part of the rental agreement, also any subsequent costs that received by Toscana in Tour after the rental agreement has been finalised (damage, such as, but not only, non-paid highway fines or tolls) referring to the period of rental by the customer; Toscana in Tour will take payment for these final costs as a secondary debit against the credit card.